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SpaceMouse FAQ

Why 3D motion control?

Years ago, in all areas of technology, systems had Dial boxes that allowed up to six degrees-of-freedom control. A separate rotational knob controlled x, y, z, pitch, yaw, and roll. This process was rather tedious, unprecise, and uncomfortable. Today, Magellan provides a comfortable way to control 3D objects. It allows you to control "flying object" spatially without strain.

Does Magellan operate in 2D mode?

Yes. Magellan uses a special mode that allows you to control a 2D cursor. Magellan can also be used as a conventional 2D mouse. In this special mode, the six possible motion commands (x,y,z and a,b,c) are translated internally into two motion commands. It uses the M+ protocol as defined by Logitech for a mouse with 3 keys. Mouse data is transmitted at 9600 baud corresponding to that protocol.

Can I adjust the sensitivity of Magellan?

Yes, the Magellan has a command that allows you to change the actual sensitivity values. The "qQ\r" command effects both the translational value and the rotational value ranging from 0 to 15. The resulting "nibble" will be displayed.

How can I display the version name and number of the Magellan firmware I have?

You can obtain the version name and number using the "vQ\r" command.

What is the translational and rotational deflection of the Magellan?

Translational deflection is +/- 1.5mm
Rotational deflection is +/- 4 (degrees).

What is the spatial resolution in x,y,z,roll,pitch, yaw?

The Magellan 3D Controller has integrated an 8 bit A/D converter. Because the measurement system of the Magellan is a real linear system, the resolution of the converter can completly used. The patented measurement system is also be used a force/torque sensor. The internal resolution is 8bit. The 6 different values of the Magellan are computed by 2 or 3 internal voltages of the optical sensors. The results of the value range are approximatel:

X Browser Fixed-440/+440  
Y Browser Fixed-370/+370  
Z Browser Fixed-370/+370  
A Browser Fixed-440/+440 Browser Fixedrotation around X
B Browser Fixed-370/+370 Browser Fixedrotation around Y
C Browser Fixed-370/+370 Browser Fixedrotation around Z

What is the sampling rate? (The baud rate in 3D mode is listed as 9600,
but since I don't know the message format, I can't calculate the samping rate.)?

The sampling rate is normaly 60 ms. This means, that the Magellan sends about 17 data packages to the computer. It sends only one data package if the cap of the device stay in the zero position.
It is possible to use the Magellan device with a sampling rate of 40 ms. Don't forget, a higher sampling rate increase the charge of your computer performance.

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