PCI 100Base-FX Fiber Optic

by AEI Intelligent Technologies


AEIís P100 offers a cost effective solution for high performance fiber optic networks. It is an ideal solution for high electro-magnetic environments; for time-sensitive transmissions, such as voice and video; or where cable lengths exceed 100 meters. Moreover, fiber optic networks offer resistance to tapping.

It utilizes the popular Intel 21143-PD chipset, which means the device driver is embedded and fully plug and play in Windows, Linux, and other operating systems. The P100 includes driver support across a broad range of operating systems and architectures including Windows, Solaris, HP-UX, Linux, IRIX, NetWare, FreeBSD, and more. This comprehensive driver suite allows for one-stop shopping, and uniformity in your fiber optic network.

This integrated PCI fiber optic Ethernet card utilizes low power (3.3V or 5V) directly from the PCI bus. Subsequently, users experience lower power consumption, and the necessity to power-up a media converter using wall-power or hardwiring is eliminated. Additional savings are also realized since networking peripherals such as the media converter, or a universal power supply are no longer required.

Additionally, AEI Intelligent Technologies is the only company that incorporates Boot Rom support on their fiber optic Fast Ethernet cards. Support is provided for Windows, Linux, Solaris, HP-UX, and may popular operating systems. Thus, the P100 series offers OEM's compatibility with distribution servers, and easy of installation.

More and more, companies have learned the hard way the advantages of speed and security that fiber optics provides. AEIís P100 series is a perfect solution for any fiber network.

Advanced Server Features - with every adapter comes AEI's PacketEngine Software suite. PacketEngine allows users to configure trunk groups based on the Physical Layer 1 (Port aggregation), as well as Layer 3 and Layer 4 criteria. A user friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI) provides for Active Port Failover (all ports in the failover group Tx/Rx packets) Windows, Linux, Solaris, and other popular operating systems. Finally Adaptive or Dynamic Load Balancing is provided.


  • SC or ST fiber optic transceivers.
  • 62.5/125 and 50/125Ķm multimode fiber optic cable.
  • Supports cable lengths up to 2 km.
  • No media converters... lower power consumption and expense.
  • Only fiber optic Fast Ethernet card for Sun Microsystems Solaris SPARC platforms.
  • Compatible with other brand 802.3u network equipment.
  • EMI resistant.
  • Resistant to tapping.
  • DMA Bus Mastering, Lower CPU Utilization
  • Easy to install and configure.
  • Half or Full Duplex operation.
  • Maximum throughput is 200Mbps.
  • Cross Platform support for a broad range of operating systems and architectures.
  • DMA Bus Mastering for lower CPU utilization.


  • Proxy, application, file, and print servers.
  • Desktop and server environments on fiber optic backbones.
  • SOHO to Enterprise network environments.
  • Storage Area Networks (SAN)
  • Network Attached Storage (NAS)
  • Network segmentation (for network security purposes)
  • Firewalls, gateways and routers.




P100SC... PCI 100Base-FX fiber NIC, SC connector, multimode, 2 km
P100ST... PCI 100Base-FX fiber NIC, ST connector, multimode, 2km

P100SC-SM5... PCI 100Base-FX fiber NIC, SC connector, singlemode 5km

P100SC-SM15... PCI 100Base-FX fiber NIC, SC connector, singlemode 15km

P100SC-SM30... PCI 100Base-FX fiber NIC, SC connector, singlemode 30km

P100SC-SM40... PCI 100Base-FX fiber NIC, SC connector, singlemode 40km


P100-BR... Boot Rom available for additional charge.  All popular operating systems

Connector Single fiber optic duplex SC or ST female connector.
62.5/125 Ķm Multi-mode Fiber cables - 1300nm
Distances up to 2 km
IEEE Standards IEEE 802.3u (100Base-Tx Ethernet)
IEEE 802.3ad (Port Aggregation)
802.1Q (VLAN)
802.1x (Flow Control)

Fast EtherChannel (FEC) supported.

Network Management Software Provided at nominal expense! 
Speeds 100Base-FX  (Up to 200 Mbps in full duplex operation)
Duplex Half or Full Duplex operation capable.


Auto-negotiation between Full duplex and simplex operations.

Data transfer Mode DMA Bus Mastering, lower CPU utilization
LEDs Link, Activity, and Speed
Slot Type 32/64-bit, 33MHz
3.3V or 5V slot
Universal short card
Bus Type PCI 2.1 & 2.2 compliant, compatible with PCI-X slots
Parallel Detection Yes
Driver Support

Windows 95/98, NT 4.0, 2000, 2000 Advance Server, Win XP, and Server 2003 (1)
Novell Netware 4.x, 5.X
Linux 2.2 / 2.4 (1)
FreeBSD (1)

IRIX 6.5
Solaris (x86 & SPARC)  

HP-UX 10.2 (PA-RISC)  - call 909-296-2022 for later revisions
VxWorks - call 909-296-2022 for details.

(1) = Drivers are built into the operating system (Plug & Play).  Also offered are
proprietary device drivers to support AEI cards.

Certifications FCC Part 15, Subpart B
Transmission -20 dBm (minimum)
Sensitivity -31 dBm (Maximum)
Environment Specs Temperature: operating 0C to 50C
Humidity: 5 to 85% non-condensing
Dimensions 5.25" (L) x 3.75" (H)
Power Consumption

Operating Voltage: 3.3VDC/5VDC (< 15W)

Prices for North/South America and Asia:
Shipment not included.

Part# Product Price
PH-P100SC PCI 32-bit 100Mbps Ethernet NIC w/ Fiber Optic SC Interconnect $ 319

Prices for Europe
Shipment not included.
Orders from European Comunity please add 19% VAT.

Part# Product Price
PH-P100SC PCI 32-bit 100Mbps Ethernet NIC w/ Fiber Optic SC Interconnect EUR 319

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