Katalogerna TinyTerm

TinyTERM Emulator

by Century Softwar

Conectivity and UNIX Networking

TERM Professional provides access to UNIX/IBM host mission critical daat and applications, NFS file sharing, printer sharing, file transfer and TCP/IP.

TinyTERM is a terminal emulator available for all Windows platforms. It includes WYSE60, SCO ANSI and VT320 terminal emulation for remote, asny and network accees to UNIX systems and scripting. TinyTERM Plus includes Century's base UNIX terminal emulater that includes 21 emulations with ICONect technology. Plus, it has 32-bit VxD TCP/IP kernal as well as drag and drop TCP/IP, FTP and LPR/LPD printer sharing.


  • Transfer file via serial, modem, and network connections
  • Automate task and customize application with NetScript
  • Access in one-step PC-to-UNIX with Century?s ICONect technology
  • Share PC and UNIX printers from within applications


  • Available for DOS/Windows 3.x, 95 &NT

Prices for US and Canada:
Shipment is included.

Product Price
TinyTerm Emulator V4.2x for PC 10-user $ 899
TinyTerm Emulator V4.2x for PC 5-user $ 479

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