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This product has been discontinued on 1/1/07.

Users control three-dimensional movements by manoeuvring the Cadman® spring-mounted cap. Slight finger pressure on the cap will control an object in up to 6 degrees of freedom (X, Y, Z, pitch, roll, and yaw movement) simultaneously. With its soft coated cap design, for comfortable operation, and 4 freely programmable buttons and Quicktip® "virtual button" Cadman® is the ideal companion to industry standard CAD/CAM, CAE applications such as SolidEdge, SolidWorks, Autodesk Inventor, Autodesk Mechanical Desktop etc.

In CAD/CAM, CAE and visual simulation applications, the 3D Motion Controller is used in conjunction with the normal mouse. As the user positions the 3D object with Cadman®, the necessity of going back and forth to a menu is eliminated. Thus, drawing times can be reduced by 20-30%, increasing overall productivity. Other benefits include an improved design comprehension and earlier detection of design errors, contributing to faster time to market and cost savings in the design process. With its plug-in support for all top office applications the user can also quickly and intuitively zoom, pan and browse standard documents, spreadsheets, e-mail and much more.

  • Unprecedented ease of use for manipulating objects in 3D applications
  • Calibration- and drift free sensor technology for high precision and unequalled reliability
  • Nine programmable buttons to customize user's preferences for motion control
  • Finger operation for maximum precision and performance
  • Certified by all major suppliers of CAD/CAM, CAE and visual simulation products

Prices for North/South America :
Shipment not included. Please add US$ 19 for shipment within US.
Shipments Made Outside the U.S. may be subject to additional charge

Product Price
Cadman orange/transparent, USB $ 395
Cadman green/transparent, USB $ 395
Cadman red/transparent, USB $ 395
Cadman blue/transparent, USB $ 395
Cadman topaz/transparent, USB $ 395

Prices for Europe
shipment not included.
Orders from European Comunity please add 16% VAT.

Product Price
Cadman orange/transparent, USB EUR 395
Cadman green/transparent, USB EUR 395
Cadman red/transparent, USB EUR 395
Cadman blue/transparent, USB EUR 395
Cadman topaz/transparent, USB EUR 395

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