CrystalEyes© 5

by RealD Inc.

Active Eyewear Overview

Shutter eyewear is used to enable Stereo3D viewing when synchronized to a compatible display. Stereoscopic 3D recreates the way we naturally see by creating perceived-depth on a flat (2D) surface. Fast-response opacity in each lens and liquid crystal quality determines 3D image clarity. RealD Pro has developed the optimal features for the best Stereo3D image clarity. RealD Pro products have been used for over 30 years by NASA, Boeing, BMW, DreamWorks, Disney and many other companies that integrate cutting-edge technology for product and content development in Stereo3D. Our products are guaranteed and include future compatibility.

Product Owerview

RealD Pro designed its new CrystalEyes© 5 with users in mind. The all-new CE 5 eyewear is lighter, more comfortable, and performance-accelerated for the most demanding all-day use, CE 5 will not cause eye strain or flicker, and is not prone to synch-signal interference from ambient light. Overmolded rubber arms are spring-loaded for optimal comfort and fit over prescription glasses. Dual view capability provides the most flexible viewing platform. CE 5 have integrated DLP® Link technology that synchronize to 3D-ready DLP® displays* -projectors or TV's- without an emitter. Two-button control for power and 3D/Dual Channel mode with LED indicator put the user in full control.

CrystalEyes© 5 Specifications

  • DLP® Link eyewear synchronization with 3D-enabled DLP® TVs and DLP® Link projectors - emitter-free
  • Light weight for all-day wear (67 grams)
  • Internal rechargeable battery with USB charger included - 24 hour use - reduce waste & increase reliability
  • 5-minute power off if active signal not received
  • Resists ambient light synch signal interference
  • Interchangeable rubber nose piece for custom-fit
  • Unprecedented 5000:1 contrast - perfect images
  • 1.7ms response time - no eye strain
  • Includes a One-Year Warranty
  • The only eyewear with Dual Channel capability
Display Compatibility (require RealD IR emitter)

  • Samsung DLP® 3D enabled televisions
  • Mitsubishi DLP® 3D enabled televisions
  • DLP® Link 3D Enabled Front Projectors


Product List
CrystalEyes 5 - emiter-free active liquid crystal shutter eyewear $195

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