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Crisp Summary

CRISP is a modern text editor designed to give user the power and flexibility to enjoyably edit files on multiple Unix and Windows platforms. It incorporates all of the advanced concepts of vi, Emacs, BRIEF and various Windows products while presenting the most intuitive user interface possible.

CRISP is an evolved product. After more than 15 years of development, it includes just about every conceivable editing feature. CRiSP is ideal whether editing 2 line programs or 1,000,000+ line projects spread over tens of thousands of files. Whether you are a power user or a light user, every minute you spend using CRiSP will be worthwhile.

Product Features:

64-Bit file and macro language support
Some operating systems support file sizes greater than 2GB/4GB, specifically HPUX 10.x, and Solaris 2.6 or above. On these platforms CRiSP can be used to view these files.

The macro language now supports 64 bit integers, which increases the numeric range available for macros. Although most macros do not rely on this, on operating systems which support files greater than 2GB, this means that the sizes of files can be manipulated correctly without numeric wraparound occurring. The macro language has been extended to include support for arrays to provide fast random access to collections of data objects.

HTML beautifier and verifier
HTML/XML files can now be beautified with the Tools Beautify option. In addition, HTML files, which are manually maintained, can be verified for syntax inconsistencies.

Tagging mechanism
The Tags mechanism has been enhanced to attempt to resolve tag ambiguities using a preceding class name. For example trying to jump to the method set in the following Frame::set will correctly use the Frame class to disambiguate the possibly multiple set methods.

The tag facility now supports cross-referencing symbols in files - now you can quickly find all occurrences of a symbol in all files in a project.

The Find/Build tags menu option now provides a quick and convenient way to call up the CRiSP tags (crtags) utility. Extensions to crtags include the ability to automatically scan a directory tree for source files. Now there is no excuse for not keeping your tags database up to date. The tags facility has been upgraded to support more languages and gives rise to the source code browser contents window. In v7.1 the tag database has been optimized to reduce space and speed up large database accesses.

Bracket matching / flashing
CRiSP now provides a persistent setup option to enable the display of matching brackets. There are two options - one is the same as that available in previous CRiSP versions, and momentarily blinks the matching bracket as you are typing. The new mechanism (blinkmatch) will show the matching brackets as you move the cursor or type a bracket. (Options Keyboard & Mouse)

Ease of use
Though CRiSP has one of the most envied feature list, it is amazingly simple to use. Power by simplicity is the paradigm behind CRiSP. CRiSP has open mode typing. All commands can be accessed via simple intuitive keystrokes or by clicking on the tool icons. Each dialog box has a help button providing hypertext context sensitive information. User Manuals are also provided on-line.

  • Dynamic Spell Checking like Office XP
  • Customizable Dockable Toolbars
  • Automatically process compiler error messages
  • All manuals [User Guide, Programmer's Guide, Primitives Reference] are on-line
  • Supported for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP and UNIX
  • Integration with Microsoft Visual C++
  • Instantly bring the current file edited in VC++ into CRiSP at the same line and column position.
  • Integrated Build and Version Control support
  • Microsoft IntelliMouse support
  • Dynamic Project Association
Brief compatibility
CRiSP was originally designed to be a 100% BRIEF compatible editor but has since then surpassed its design goals. It is 100% keyboard compatible to BRIEF. CRiSP's macro language is a superset of BRIEF C / Lisp language and is compatible at the language level giving the users the ability to run their existing BRIEF macros.

Dynamic code colorization & colorized printing
CRiSP provides unlimited color / font support. It provides complete color hi-lighting support when marking text even on dumb terminals, i.e. you see what you hi-light.

Chroma coding gives the capability to see and print various sections comments, keywords, functions, numbers, text of a file in different colors. Current version lets the user to have underlined & bolded keywords, comments etc. Chroma/Colorized coding is supported for the following languages:

4gl Java Shell
Ada Jam SQL
Aml Lisp TCL
Basic Mail Tex
Batch Mips Troff
C / C++   Pascal Verilog
Cobol Perl VHDL
Crunch   Progress   Win4GL  
Eclipse PostScript   Yacc
Forth Rpcgen IDL
Fortran RTF SAS
Html S29  

Multi-window / Multi-Buffer environment
CRiSP provides a multi-window / multi buffer environment, with easy navigation and copying / pasting between files, windows. There is no limit to the number of open files or windows. The windows can be resized using either the keystrokes or a mouse. Shell buffers / windows are also provided giving the user the ability to run shells in the internal windows.

Direct links to third party applications
CRiSP has direct links to third party databases, such as Oracle / Sybase / Ingres / Informix / Unify giving you the capability to execute database specific commands in the editor and have the results show up in another X-buffer. Complete integration with HP-SOFTBENCH and CodeCenter is also provided.

Built in support for popular IDEs as Visual C++, Borland C++, IBM CSet++, Visual Age, GNU C++ with the ability to add others

Softbench / codecenter encapsulation
CRiSP is a drop-in replacement for the standard Unix text editors or HP's own editor supplied with SoftBench. It excels at its specific job and incorporates many unique features in its own right.

Encapsulation within Softbench is complete and complements the compile-debug-edit cycle which SoftBench provides. You can invoke other SoftBench tools from CRiSP as well as have the other tools keep CRiSP informed of the current status of files within the current project. (E.g. changes due to source control are handled by CRiSP).

CRiSP's SoftBench integration complements the HP development environment. It adds the advanced facilities which you would expect of a standalone product yet integrates exceedingly smoothly with the HP toolkit. Features such as a SoftBench toolbar for invoking the various components of SoftBench (e.g. Compile, Build, Show class definitions) enhance the overall interface of Softbench as a whole.

CRiSP understands compiler generated error and warning messages and takes you directly to the line in error, so all you have to do is point the mouse and click away!

The editor integrates seelessly with all Softbench tools [builder, debugger, development manager, static analyzer] using the messaging and notification service.

Columnar / block operations
CRiSP provides three different kinds of markings: character, line, columnar or rectangular marks with an ability to do cutting/copying/pasting/searching of the marked/hi-lighted regions. One can even do document math's on the hi-lighted text. Users can sort the buffer on highlighted columnar keys as well as perform floating point arithmetic on columns of numbers.

Language sensitive visual templates
CRiSP-EDiT has built in support for colorized template editing for a large range of languages [C, C++, Cobol, Basic, Shell, Pascal, ADA, Ingres4GL, Sybase-Transact SQL, Verilog, Vhdl]. This facility is implemented in an ascii file and hence can be completely customized by the user. Integration with compilers, GNU's debugger etc. is also provided.

User defined projects
CRiSP can save the complete editing environment including external window size, internal window layout, bookmarks, search expressions, buffers edited, clipboards etc. on a per directory, per user basis across sessions. User can also save there favorite internal layouts as recallable projects.

Synchronized windows movement / file diffing
This facility lets the user scrollock two windows together, so that they move synchronously. This facility is very helpful when comparing files for differences.

Brief / vi. cua / wordstar keyboard emulation
CRiSP provides complete emulation for vi, Brief, WordStar, CUA keyboard layouts. The vi emulation passes the vi-Turing machine macro test, which ensures the trueness of its emulation. It gives seasoned vi programmers, what they have always longed for: a multi window / multi buffer environment, with full color & hi lighting support.

Miscellaneous features:
  • Edit unlimited size files.
  • Edit unlimited number of files
  • Edit unlimited line length files.
  • Multiple X-windows or internal windows
  • Compilation facility; automatic next/previous error location
  • Grep across files or loaded buffers
  • Search & Replace across files or loaded buffers
  • Template editing modes for many languages
  • Powerful regular expression searching and replacement
  • Syntax coloring and printing for over 30 languages.
  • Colored iconbar; iconbar is user customizable; floating toolbar.
  • On-line context sensitive help, floating help and tool tips.
  • Dialog boxes for all features, along with keyboard command line equivalents
  • Powerful C-like platform independent macro language for extending the editor.
  • Infinite levels of undo and redo, even across files.
  • Autosaves and backups
  • Detects modification of files by other users
  • Column cut and paste
  • Completely customizable user interface.
  • Various source cross-referencing tools (Routines, Tags)
  • On-screen highlighting / syntactic colorization.
  • Support for multiple named clipboards for copying and pasting
  • HW / OS independent macro, even in binary form
  • Record/Playback/Save keystroke sequences for repetitive editing
  • Record/Playback/Save keystroke sequences for repetitive editing
  • Edit DOS/UNIX-Ascii/Binary files in a seamless fashion
  • Go to a particular line, column, field
  • Multiple bookmarks, and an ability to see all of them in a window
  • Multiple bookmarks, and an ability to see all of them in a window
  • Various text formatting options like justification, auto-wrap etc.
  • Floating point support for summation
  • Read & compose mail from within the editor
  • Extremely easy directory navigation
  • On-line ASCII, C-Precedence charts, calculators etc
  • Handle 8-bit characters cleanly
  • Intelligently uncompress files if needed
  • Print highlighted text from inside the editor.
  • Handle matching brackets, braces, and BEGIN-END keywords

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