Katalogerna Real-Time Graphics Tools

Real-Time Graphics Tools

by Quinn-Curtis

Product Overview

Real-time display functions for scrolling, sweep, logic graphs, annunciators, xy plots, dynamic text, bar graphs, meters. Also DDE support, historical data replay, and alarm checking and reporting features. Includes 16-bit and 32-bit DLLs.

More Details

Real-Time Graphics Tools for Windows is a programming toolkit that harnesses the power of Windows providing you with the most complete set of real-time display functions available. This product includes 16-bit and 32-bit DLLs which can be used to create 16-bit and 32-bit applications for Windows 3.1, Windows NT, Win32s and Windows 95. The software package contains functions for displaying scrolling graphics, sweep graphs, logic graphs, annunciators, xy plots, dynamic text, dynamic bar graphs, and meters. Plus you can add LED controls, buttons, scroll bars, and check boxes to any graphics window. Once the charts are created, they can be sent to Windows supported output devices at the resolution of the device, creating presentation quality printouts, slides, or transparencies. The Charting Tools for Windows are included with the Real-Time Graphics Tools. This combination provides the most complete set of plotting functions available to Windows programmers. There are more than 300 functions, with over 500 pages of documentation and numerous example programs. Refer to the Charting Tools for Windows product information page for a complete description of all static charting functions available.

Shipment not included.

Part# Product Price
QUIN849 Real-Time Graphics C/C++ w/Source US$ 991
QUIN853 Real-Time Graphics Delphi w/Source US$ 998
QUIN847 Real-Time Graphics DLL C/C++ US$ 510
QUIN852 Real-Time Graphics DLL Delphi US$ 508
QUIN848 Real-Time Graphics DLL Source C US$ 514
QUIN850 Real-Time Graphics DLL VB US$ 510
QUIN851 Real-Time Graphics VB w/Source US$ 993

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