CRiSPEdit Summary

CRiSP is a modern file editor suitable for programmers and other professionals who need to edit files across multiple UNIX and Windows platforms.

It incorporates most of the advanced concepts of vi, Emacs, BRIEF and various Windows products whilst presenting the most intuitive user interface possible.

Colorized development

C#, C, C++ AML
Verilog Cobol - Many more

Template / smart editing

SQL Fortran
VHDL Many more...


Windows 95/98/2000/ NT/XP/CYGWIN Apple MAC OS X, Native DMG
Linux GLIBC 2.1 Linux GLIBC 2.2
FreeBSD 4.x and upwards SunOS 4.x and upwards
Solaris Sparc 2.5 and upwards Solaris Sparc 2.6 and upwards
Solaris Intel 2.6 and upwards SunOS 4.x and upwards
HPUX 10.x and upwards Digital Compaq Alpha Unix 3.2 and upwards
IBM AIX 4.1 and upwards SGI IRIX 6.x and above


Visual - Windows 95/98/2000/ NT/XP/CYGWIN Visual - X/Motif
Character - Terminal Xterm
Character - DOS-Shell  

CRiSP includes many advanced features which demanding professionals have come to expect in an advanced development environment, including customizable toolbar support, floating help, syntax coloring, template editing, hypertext help, etc. This all leads to an aesthetically pleasing user interface which requires no learning at all to get started. All of this is configurable and customizable.

CRiSP dynamic syntax coloring adds a new dimension to the coding cycle. You see your code in a new light! Such trivial issues as blocks of code accidentally being commented out are a thing of the past because your eyes now tell you something is wrong.

CRiSP is designed to avoid the need to learn yet-another-keyboard layout. It is designed to be useful within minutes of starting the software and its capabilities grow with your use of the product. It does not get in the way of what you want to do and in fact offers facilities such as entirely mouse-driven editing or entirely keyboard-driven editing.

How you use CRiSP is up to you. There are no limitations in the scope for which it can be used.

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