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LogCaster is an NT Systems Management software that monitors events, services, network devices, performance counters, ASCII logs, applications and security parameters. It filters out what you deem to be unimportant and reports the critical issues to the systems administrators as well as performing corrective actions automatically. It allows you to better meet your Service Level Agreements and manage your growing network of NT systems without a linear increase in staff. Because LogCaster provides an all-in-one package - no supplemental applications are required.

If you were ever given the enormous task of figuring out how to manage the tremendous amount of events produced by your Windows NT systems, then you know that it virtually impossible. However, there is a solution with LogCaster NT! It will take the tedious task of real-time monitoring of your crucial NT event logs off of your hands.

In addition to managing your NT Event logs, LogCaster will take corrective actions without manual intervention when unforeseen problems strike your Windows NT environment. It enables you to kick off scripts and programs to respond to a particular event. In particular, without warning many times Windows NT services will fail to start or simply fail, which causes costly downtime for your organization. Why not have LogCaster monitor your Windows NT services and attempt to restart them automatically?

Finally, LogCaster can now keep a close eye on TCP based systems such as WEB servers, Telnet servers, FTP servers, POP3 servers, etc. LogCaster has the ability to scan them on a regular basis and if they should ever fail, it will notify you immediately.


  • Intel or Alpha processor
  • Windows NT Server and Workstation 3.51 or above
  • Windows NT 4.0 or above (Alpha)

Code Product Price
LCW26 Logcaster 2.6, Workstation EUR 100
LCW26M1 Logcaster 2.6, Workstation + 1 Year Maintenance EUR 126
LCW26M2 Logcaster 2.6, Workstation + 2 Year Maintenance EUR 136,50
LCW26O1 Logcaster 2.6, Workstation Annual Maintenance EUR 26,25
add -A to the Product Code for Alpha Versions (Server and Workstation)
LCS26 Logcaster 2.6, Server EUR 833,50
LCS26M1 Logcaster 2.6, Server + 1 year Maintenance EUR 1.038
LCS26M2 Logcaster 2.6, Server + 2 year Maintenance EUR 1.148
LCS26MO1 Logcaster 2.6, Standard Annual Maintenance EUR 204,50

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