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Planet-Share allows you to share the same Internet connection with other users in a local area network, reducing connection costs dramatically.

What is Planet-Share?
Planet-Share is a Proxy & Mail Server which is installed on a PC in the network and allows simultaneous use of Internet by all users: some could be browsing web pages while others are checking their mail and yet others could be downloading files. All this is done using a single connection to your Internet Provider and without having to buy other phone lines, modems, routers or anything else.

Channel Connection Sharing is the heart of the system; it's thanks to this function that more than one user can share a single modem and phone line to connect to the Web. Clearly users can connect to Internet simultaneously and independently and can use different resources such as the World Wide Web and e-mail.

Planet-Share allows you to define different access levels and to prevent use to unauthorized persons. Thanks to this you can grant different rights to every user making it possible, for example, for some users to browse the Web but not to use e-mail and vice versa. Planet-Share has an auditing function which lets you view everything the users do during their connection sessions such as which sites they visited, which files they downloaded, how long they were browsing the Web and how many e-mail messages they sent and received. A local cache allows you to considerably cut down connection times when consulting pages already visited by other users resulting in increased connection speed. Planet-Share includes a mail server for sending, receiving or sorting electronic mail to the different network users.

Planet-Share does not require a dedicated server; it can be installed on any Windows 95/98 or NT PC in the network.


  • Intel processor
  • Network adapter or modem
  • Windows 95
  • Windows 98 Windows NT 4.0 or above TCP/IP already installed

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