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Print Console

Print Console allows centralized control of all printing activity on a network of Windows NT Servers and Windows NT, Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Unix, OS/2 or Apple Macintosh Workstations.

Printers may be directly connected to a Windows NT Print Server via a COM or LPT port, or network-connected, either through a built-in network card or via a device which interfaces the network to an LPT1 style connector. (This device is often called a "Printer Server" do not confuse this with the Windows NT Print Server machine). This advanced technology is purely software based and does not replace anything in NT itself.

Print Console gives you the power to:

QControl multiple printers with the click of a button.

Arrange printers into logical groups, allowing you to perform actions on groups of printers that you select.

View print jobs from multiple printers, all in one view. The PrintFolders tab allows grouping of printers into logical "folders" which you create. Printers can be sorted by their name, document count or status. Clicking on a print folder allows you to perform actions on all printers in the folder, such as pausing/resuming/purging, etc. The Network tab allows you to navigate directly to a printer in your network, and manage it. There is no need to install the printer first (as in Windows NT).

Once Print Console is loaded you can search for printers over the network to add as many printers as you want.


  • Intel processor
  • Windows NT Server or Workstation 4.0 or above

Code Product Price
P22301 Print Console 1 License EUR 405
P22302 Print Console 5 Licenses EUR 1.638
P22303 Print Console 10 Licenses EUR 2.765
P22304 Print Console 20-49 Licenses EUR 225
P22305 Print Console 50-99 Licenses EUR 184
P22306 Print Console 200+ Licenses EUR 133
P22307 Print Console 100-199 Licenses EUR 153
1 Year Maintenanace 20% of License

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