Katalogerna Print Quota Manager

Print Queue Manager

Print Queue Manager is a revolutionary new tool for managing printers on your Windows NT network.

With Print Queue Manager's exclusive APM (Automatic Print Management) technology, which provides the ability to move jobs between printers, Print Queue Manager provides administrators with the power to eliminate printer downtime and identify printing bottlenecks anywhere on the network.

With Print Queue Manager's treasure trove of management features, it is no longer necessary for administrators to walk to a remote server to administer their printers and solve common printer problems. With Pop-Up notifications, users will be notified when printers go down or get errors or when their print jobs have been moved.

With Windows NT, managing printers requires administrators to install each printer driver locally and view each queue in a separate window. Print Queue Manager eliminates the need to install printers locally and all network printers can be managed from a single window! With Print Queue Managers Print Folder's, common tasks that used to take hours and hours now can be done with the click of a button. Designed as the best of breed printer management solution, Print Queue Manager handles from just a few printers to thousands of printers spread across an entire enterprise network.

With all these exclusive, revolutionary technologies, Print Queue Manager is THE solution for your Windows NT network.


  • Intel processor based system
  • Windows NT 4.0 and above Server or Workstation with Service Pack 3 or above

Code Product Price
P22501 Print Queue Manager Service -1 Server License EUR 814
M32501 Print Queue Manager Upgrade Protection EUR 204
P22501-A Print Queue Manager Service Accademic EUR 610
1 Year Maintenance 25% of License

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