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The most powerful and complete file and disk useage application available for Windows NT and 2000 platforms has now become even better. Version 5 ushers in a whole host of new features and functionality to allow you to effortlessly control and manage your servers.

Policy-Based Storage Management For Your Enterprise

Take Control Of Your Network's Most Expensive Resource Disk space is your server's most expensive subsystem. By enforcing disk space limits on directories, shares and servers, you can:

  • Control how much your users consume
  • Manage what data and/or file types your users put on your servers and storage devices
  • Get real-time data on storage performance and load
NEW -- QFS Web Reports™

NTP Software QFS Web Reports provides you with the information necessary to actively control and monitor the use of storage in your environment. Experience an immediate return-on-investment by uncovering problem areas that are consuming valuable disk space.

See the present and predict the future - One of the keys to storage management success is to know where you are going, not just where you have been. The QFS Web Reports will show usage trends by server and make forward projections allowing you to predict your future storage requirements

Easy Installation - The QFS Web Reports installs via a wizard for rapid deployment. In a matter of minutes you will have access to over 100 pre-defined reports without the huge deployment costs associated with other report offerings.

Flexibility and Scalability - The open architecture of the QFS Web Reports provides the flexibility of using your database of choice to scale with your performance requirements. Additionally, simplicity of the installation enables rapid deployment and problem free scalability within an your WIndows storage environment.

Quota & File Sentinel Feature Summary

  • Distinguished paths (EASE related) -Policies now show the full location and origin of the policy. If you are 4 containers deep on an inherited policy, it will show you the full path from where the policy was inherited.
  • EASE Security Properties - EASE Security properties are now enforced on every machine to which they are replicated.
  • Event Viewer - The service start up message in the event viewer now indicates which restrictive mode QFS is started in. The least restrictive mode is the default.
  • AFile Removal Policies - Automatically delete files from folders or shares that Quota & File Sentinel is managing after x hours, days, weeks, or months.
  • File Quota Policies - Create policies that limit the size of particular files or file types within a particular folder. For example, you could create a file quota policy on a directory called C:\users that limits the total size of all .doc files within that directory to 100 MB.
  • HTML Email - QFS 4.0 now supports HTML email and includes an HTML editor that you can use when defining thresholds and messages for each policy.
  • Inherit Directory Connector Properties - When specifying email recipients on a policy, if you enter a user name, QFS can automatically determine the full extension for that user using one of two methods:

    - SMTP - Appends the domain name of your mail server.
    - LDAP - Points to an exchange server that can resolve the correct email address for the user.

    You specify the STMP domain name and the LDAP information on the Quota & File Sentinel Configuration dialog box Email Configuration and Misc. Options tabs respectively.

  • Last Modified date time added to policies - Created date / time and last modified date / time added to General tab of every policy.
  • Policy Owner / Last Modification - Policies now track who created the policy and who was the last person to change the policy. The Person who created the policy is the policy's "owner". This policy owner never changes. The "Last Modified by:" user is the login name of the person who last modified the policy.
  • QFS Service Account - The QFS Service account is no longer automatically exempted from a policy. If you want QFS to specifically manage that account, youcan reference it on the Managed Users and Groups tab, or if you want to exempt it, you can place it on the Exempt Users and Groups tab for each policy.
  • Quotas - Ability to create quotas relative to percent of volume and percent of other quotas. Ability to create file quota policies on directories and share.
  • Reminder Messaging - You can now configure QFS to send daily reminder messages to users who have exceeded their quota limit.
  • Right Click Menu - There is an enhanced right click menu available from any Policy type. The submenu gives you the option of creating a new: "Folder Policy Using Directories", "Folder Policy Using Shares", "File Policy Using Directories", and "File Policy Using Shares".
  • Security enhancements - There is a Security Tab on the Quota & File Sentinel Configuration dialog box that lets you implement security restrictions on users and groups at many different levels within the EASE hierarchy. The three security options are "Full Control", "Read", and "No Control".

    - Now when there is a security conflict between EASE & QFS, EASE wins.
    - The Service account is exempt from security settings when logged on as a user.
    - The owner of a policy always has full access to that policy, regardless of the security setting assigned him or her.

  • Separated email / popup messaging - Email and popup text is now separated so you can enter a unique message for each of them.
  • Tuning Properties - You now have control over how QFS sizes objects each time it starts (sizing refers to checking the size of each object managed by a QFS policy). The two options are "Low Impact Sizing" (for faster startups) and "High Impact Sizing"

Save Time And Money On Network Administration
The last thing a highly skilled network administrator wants to do is argue with users about space. With Quota & File Sentinel, the system polices itself and users are notified as they near their limits, file system contamination is automatically prevented, and temporary storage areas maintain themselves.

Policy-Based Systems Administration
It still takes knowledgeable personnel significant amounts of time to distribute and maintain configurations of server-based applications on a large network. That's why Quota & File Sentinel is built with Enterprise Application Services Extension™ (EASE) technology, which replicates stored configuration properties to any server with a simple drag and drop. The EASE unified management infrastructure supports policy-based systems administration and manages 1,000 servers as though they were only 1. You can literally make a change to your configuration at any time in seconds. It also facilitates migration from Windows NT to Windows 2000, because EASE-enabled applications continue to function unchanged as they move across operating platforms. As a result, administrators will find it easy to develop and enforce sound storage management policies. Even across multiple locations and servers, Quota & File Sentinel with EASE enables you to:

  • Implement and enforce policies for storage consumption
  • Change or create exceptions to your policies
  • Review reports to audit policies and system compliance

Reduce The Chance Of Viruses And Bootleg Software
Quota & File Sentinel can block the damage that would be caused by viruses. It can also help you prevent users from spending their time filling up your servers with MP3 files and other unlicensed software.

Get The Data You Need For Cost Allocation And Planning
Wouldn't it be nice to know who is using up all your disk space or which files haven't been accessed for years? Quota & File Sentinel can tell you where space has gone, and which files are consuming it.

Don't Live With Unnecessary Risk
Your server's disks are like the hall closetthe messier they are, the longer it takes to find anything. Quota & File Sentinel will pay for itself many times over in the time saved by your users and network administrators, and you'll gain peace of mind from knowing that your systems are protected from misuse.


Intel 333 MHz processor (minimum)

Operating System:
Windows NT® 4.0 SP6a (recommended), Windows® 2000 SP2 (recommended), or Windows XP

Disk Space:
4.5 MB for EASE program files; 4.5 MB for Quota & File Sentinel program files

6.0 MB for EASE; 4.5 MB for Quota & File Sentinel

Internet Explorer 4.0 SP1 (or higher)

Code Product Price
QFSFP1C0400 QFS 4.x CD & Printed Docs- Server EUR 1.020
QFSNTU10400 QFS 4.x Trade-Up from QS w/o SUS CD & Printed Docs- Server EUR 685
QFSTUS10400 QFS 4.x Trade-Up from QM w/SUS CD & Printed Docs- Server EUR 450
QFSTUN10400 QFS 4.x Trade-Up from QM w/o SUS CD & Printed Docs- Server EUR 675
QFSSILVERSUPT QFS Silver SUS -Support Contract EUR 205
QFS-EI-Gold-SUPT QFS NTP- Upgradprotection and Technical Support for 1 year incl. SilverSUS + Technical Support via E-Mail and Fax EUR 260

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