Sitekeeper 3.1

by Executive Software, Inc.

The first and only easy-to-use system management software

  • Active Directory objects and/or
  • Logical Groups you create and/or
  • Domains and machines and/or
  • IP Addresses.
You can approach systems management tasks in whatever way works best for you and the tasks at hand. You can add the same system into many different groups. For example, the CEO’s laptop can belong to a “VIP” group you’ve created as well as being part of an Active Directory container and being listed among Domains and Machines. Or you can choose to scan and assign tasks to systems based upon their IP address.

It’s almost impossible to efficiently manage a network without an accurate, current software and hardware inventory. Sitekeeper’s Inventory module enables fast, accurate and automatic scanning and reporting. Data from individual scans are automatically saved and you can always compare scan results to spot changes. Major reports include:
  • Software Inventory Sorted by Computer.
  • Software Inventory Sorted by Software Title.
  • Hardware Inventory Sorted by Computer.
  • Hardware Inventory Sorted by Device.
  • Software licence Compliance.
Save, export and print reports. Additionally, Quick Filters let you drill down to the exact data you’re looking for in just a couple of mouse clicks.

Urgent security patches, updates, upgrades and routine user requests for software are why software deployment chews up so much of your time. Take control of the situation by using Sitekeeper PushInstaller™ to organize and automate the creation and scheduling of multiple software deployment tasks.

Maintain licence compliance and avoid fines. Consolidate and maintain detailed software licence audit trail information in the enhanced licence Tracking Database. Sitekeeper makes it easy.

Sitekeeper includes:

  • PushInstaller™ for automatic software deployment. No more time-consuming manual installation of new software applications, upgrades, patches, updates or service packs. All installs and uninstalls are done in seconds—without you ever having to go to another machine.

  • License Tracker shows you the state of your software licenses so you can get your site in compliance and never have to worry about or pay costly license violation fees. Scheduled network scans alert you when a user installs unlicensed software on his system. License Tracker automates all record-keeping, so inventory is a snap.

  • Software/Hardware InventoryTracker™ automatically compiles detailed lists of the software and hardware components of each desktop and server on your site. Now you can see the state of your site at a glance.

  • 10 top reasons to try or buy Sitekeeper now

    1. Easy, no-training, intuitive interface.
    2. No dedicated servers or expensive databases required.
    3. Simple, wizard-based operation styled on Windows XP interface standards.
    4. New! PushInstaller, License Tracker and InventoryTracker are available as a suite or as individual modules.
    5. New! Now supports clients running Windows 95b, Windows 98 and Windows Me.
    6. New! Legacy application scanning, filtering and reporting.
    7. New! Reports can be easily exported to Excel.
    8. Sitekeeper can check for updates on the web.
    9. Large library of PushInstaller scripts can be updated via the web.
    10. You’ll save time and money and manage your network easier than you ever dreamed possible.

    Screenshot of Sitekeeper's
    'View License Report'

    Screenshot of Sitekeeper's
    'Add or Remove Program Wizard'

    Shipment: add US$ 11 for USA and US$ 23 for Canada.
    Other countries please call.
    Call for educational prices. Orders from European Comunity please add 19% VAT.

    Product Price
    Sitekeeper Suite, Qty 5-49 $ 37.00

    Prices for Europe:
    Shipment not included.
    Orders from European Comunity please add 16% VAT.

    Product Price
    Sitekeeper Suite, Qty 5-49 39,00 EUR
    Sitekeeper Suite, Qty 50-99 38,00 EUR
    Sitekeeper Suite, Qty 100-199 36,00 EUR
    Sitekeeper Inventory, Qty 5-49 23,30 EUR
    Sitekeeper Inventory, Qty 50-99 22,15 EUR
    Sitekeeper Inventory, Qty 100-199 20,64 EUR
    Sitekeeper Pushinstall, Qty 5-49 23,30 EUR
    Sitekeeper Pushinstall, Qty 50-99 22,15 EUR
    Sitekeeper Pushinstall, Qty 100-199 20,64 EUR

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