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Storage Accountant

Storage Accountant can automatically measure resources, freeing you from doing the job manually. The hours you save will quickly offset the cost of Storage Accountant.

Tracking storage resource use across time lets you plan for future needs. This capacity planning lets you avoid future storage resource problems.

If you wanted to do accounting, you would have qualified as an accountant. So why get stuck doing an accountant's job? Make Storage Accountant do the accounting, and you can get back to real work. Install Storage Accountant today, and get another of those storage management hassles off your back.

Keeping track of the storage resources used by an organization is tedious and time-consuming. Storage Accountant gathers this information and generates the reports you need for billing and capacity planning. Or you can export the information in a form suitable for spreadsheets or charge back systems.

Storage Accountant makes it easy to monitor a single department or an entire enterprise, generating reports that reflect the structure and needs of your organization.

The Storage Accountant Service does not continuously monitor the size of each item. Instead, it calculates the size of each item in Aggregate and Unit "reports" when instructed to do so at preset sizing intervals.

Storage Accountant consists of two major elements:

  • The Storage Accountant Service (SA Service) tracks and reports disk space use. It resides on the network server as a Windows NT service.
  • The Storage Accountant Manager (SA Manager) is the administrator's interface to the Service. It runs on any networked workstation that meets the program's system requirements.

The shares, directories, and reports are represented in the familiar Windows file management interface

Most administrators find that sizing and reporting disk usage at regular intervals is adequate for their needs. However, sizing events can be done manually (called snapshots) at any time, for separate printing. In addition, "expert" administrators can choose to include snapshot data into the regular history record.


  • Intel or Alpha processor
  • Windows NT Server 3.51 or above
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows NT Server or Workstation 3.51 or above
  • Windows 2000

Code Product Price
SASVRBU0401 Storage Accountant Server Soft + 1 Year Maintenance EUR 519
SASLIBU0401 Storage Accountant Server License Soft + 1 Year Maintenance EUR 445,50

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