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Businesses today rely increasingly on the Internet to communicate with customers, partners and telecommuters, while performing everyday tasks that keep business and information flowing. To monitor these critical resources, IT administrators need a comprehensive view of network events and activities - such as network usage, attacks and threats, and employee Internet use - to enhance security and manage bandwidth needs.

A Web-based graphical reporting tool, SonicWALL ViewPoint 2.5 provides unprecedented security awareness and control over your network environment through detailed and comprehensive reports of your network and firewall activities. ViewPoint's broad reporting capabilities allow your administrators to easily monitor network access and Internet usage, enhance security, assess risks, understand more about employee Internet use and productivity, and accurately predict future bandwidth needs.

ViewPoint creates dynamic, real-time and historical network summaries, providing a flexible, 360º view of network events and activities. Reports are based on "syslog" data streams received from each SonicWALL appliance through the wired LAN, wireless LAN, WAN or VPN tunnel. With ViewPoint, your organization can generate individual or aggregate reports about virtually any aspect of appliance activity, including individual user or group usage patterns, events on specific appliances or groups of appliances, types and times of attacks, resource consumption and constraints, and more. An integral part of any deployment, SonicWALL ViewPoint delivers the comprehensive view of network and firewall activities your organization needs to enhance security and manage critical resources today and tomorrow.

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Key Features & Benefits

  • Ease of Use. ViewPoint includes an integrated Web server, syslog server, summarization and scheduling engines, and database to for quick, one-step installation, and its intuitive user interface saves deployment and training time. Whether connecting securely from a local or remote system, using a standard browser greatly simplifies access and navigation.
  • Web-based User Interface (browser-based application). All reporting functions are performed from ViewPoint’s password-protected Web User Interface, simplifying deployment and access from a local or remote system using a Web browser application.
  • Comprehensive Set of Graphical Reports. ViewPoint offers a comprehensive set of real-time and historical reports including firewall attacks, bandwidth usage, Web site visits, user activity, and more, allowing organizations to be aware of suspicious activity and to ensure high employee productivity. ViewPoint provides summaries of all types of network attacks and informative reports of user behavior, identifying time-wasting or bandwidth intensive activity.
  • On-Demand Reporting. ViewPoint provides immediate reporting functionality for users requiring quick results, saving time and administration overhead.
  • Automated Report Scheduling. ViewPoint provides support for emailing and archiving daily/weekly/monthly reports, allowing users to share data with the management team and to archive the reports for future use.
  • Reporting Based on User Accounts. ViewPoint provides support for reports based on individual user names instead of the IP address or hostname of their systems.
  • Aggregate Reports. ViewPoint supports multiple firewalls, allowing organizations with more than one firewall to view aggregate reports of their firewall activities from a single application. This helps organizations better understand their Internet bandwidth usage and plan for future capacity needs.
  • CFS Category Reporting. ViewPoint creates categorized reports on the active users and the filtered Web sites that they have attempted to visit.
  • New Bandwidth Report per Interface. ViewPoint provides additional reports on incoming versus outgoing traffic per firewall interface so that you can understand how your bandwidth is being used.

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    SonicWALL Viewpoint 2.5 is a Windows-based software application. The recommended system requirements are listed below, but a high-performance, dedicated server with a fast CPU will greatly improve operation and report speeds.

     Minimum System Requirements
     Microsoft Windows XP, Windows 2000 Server and Professional,
     Windows 2003
     1.4GHz Intel Pentium III or IV processor, 512 MB RAM, 20 GB
     available disk space, and Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) 5.5
     or higher.
     SonicWALL firmware version or SonicOS 1.0 or higher
     for SonicWALL Internet security appliances generating reports.

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    Part Numbers

     SonicWALL View Point Reporting
    Part Number Price
     SonicWALL View Point for SonicWALL PRO200/ PRO100/ PRO 01-SSC-2900 EUR 715
     SonicWALL View Point upgrade for TZ170/ SOHO/ TELE 01-SSC-2901 EUR 114
     SonicWALL View Point upgrade for PRO serie 01-SSC-2902 EUR 354
     SonicWALL View Point upgrade for SonicWALL Entry Edition 01-SSC-3319 EUR 1.075

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