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While public servers such as Web, E-mail, and FTP servers provide an important link for many organizations to the outside world, they also make an inviting target for hackers. Other network perimeter devices, such as routers and gateways, are also potential points of attack.

These security "holes" give hackers a window of opportunity to strike, and if they succeed, their break-ins result in serious losses. Downtime, tarnished company image, and stolen, altered, or destroyed confidential information resulting from security breaches can expose your organization, customers, vendors and other business partners to financial losses.

SonicWALL Vulnerability Scanning Service is an automated, subscription that provides network administrators a "hacker's eye view" of a company's network perimeter, including public servers, routers and gateways, and integrates with SonicWALL's industry-leading Internet security appliances.

SonicWALL Vulnerability Scanning Service examines a network perimeter for security weaknesses on an ongoing basis. It reports all vulnerabilities detected and provides administrators with in-depth, expert guidance to quickly close up any security holes in a network. This subscription based service offers vulnerability assessment scans that can scheduled on a regular basis or run on demand when policies change or new equipment is deployed.

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Key Features & Benefits

  • Comprehensive Vulnerability Assessment. This service checks for more than 730 types of vulnerabilities. It detects operating system security "holes," DNS, HTTP, FTP, SMTP server vulnerabilities, network device vulnerabilities (routers, printers, bridges, switches, etc), TCP/IP port openings and more.
  • Simple to Administer. SonicWALL Vulnerability Scanning Service is easy to use and integrated with SonicWALL Internet security appliances. It's a Web-based service so there is no software to install. You can easily schedule scans and configure the service to fit your needs from your own security portal at www.mysonicwall.com.
  • Flexible Reporting Options. You can sort reports by risk level and other criteria to allow you prioritize which vulnerabilities to address.
  • Customizable Scheduling. You can schedule security assessment scans periodically or on-demand.
  • State-of-the-Art Updates. Security updates for SonicWALL Vulnerability Scanning Service security are backed by NAI (Network Associates) Labs, the world leader in advanced security technology.

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    Part Numbers

     SonicWALL Vulnerability Scanning Service
    Part Number Price
     SonicWALL Vulnerability Scanning Service NFR 10 pack 01-SSC-2845 EUR 125
     SonicWALL Vulnerability Scanning Service NFR 100 pack 01-SSC-2846 EUR 625

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